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Nazzy Baker

Love me Tender Sprinkle Mix

Love me Tender Sprinkle Mix

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Love me Tender Sprinkle Mix features a blend of non pariels, cachous and pressed candy in reds, pinks and a pop of gold. This mix is perfect to use on edible gifts for the love of your life! 

Product Description:

Nazzy Baker Edible Sprinkle Mix - 50g

Directions for use:

Suitable for decorating cakes iced with buttercream, ganache, royal icing and  fondant.

Can be used to decorate meringues, chocolate, doughnuts,  icing & ice cream.

Ingredients: Sugar (Glucose), Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch, Maltodextrin, Carnuba Wax, Magnesium Stearate, Colours (122,123,124, 132, 133), Glazing Agent (903), E171, E127, E102, E147, E133, E174


We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the product information on this page. However we ask customers concerned about food allergens, ingredients or country of origin to email us for the latest information and to always check the manufacturers label on the product as manufacturers ingredients may change without notice.

Health Disclaimer

Our sprinkle collection includes certain designs which maybe a choking hazard and hard to chew sprinkles for children or adults.

Please refer to product nutritional guidelines when consuming our products. Australian guide to healthy eating recommends limiting intake of foods containing added sugars such as confectionery.

Nazzy Baker will not be responsible for any mishaps occurred during consumption.

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